Betway login and sign up explained simply

Without a doubt Betway has become one of the most important bookmakers nowadays, not only because of their amount of followers and services that they offer, but also because this company has signed important sponsorship contracts with worldwide known football teams such as PSG or West Ham.

Here the process for making a Betway registration will be explained in a simple way, as well as describing what can be encountered after making a login from the UK. At the end of this article it will also be possible to learn about the responsible gambling policy implemented by this bookmaker.

BetWay Bonus

Explaining how to Betway register

People who want to sign up and start betting with Betway must follow a very simple and quick process. It can be done from a PC or from the comfort of a mobile device through their applications or mobile website. Here are the steps for how to sign up:

  1. Visit Betway through any platform
  2. Click the register now button
  3. Fill the registration form by providing valid information
  4. Configure an username and password. It is recommended to make a strong password with uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. Do not share passwords among different services. This will be the information needed for Betway login later
  5. Select the preferred currency and configure a betting limit. This last aspect is a policy implemented by Betway to prevent people from surpassing their financial capability
  6. Tick the square saying that you want to get the special bonus for making a Betway sign up (this step is optional, but we really recommend to do it, more details later)
  7. Choose how to activate the account. This can be via email or via SMS
  8. Activate the account with the mean chosen at step 7

If creating a new account from a mobile device, sometimes it can happen that the Betway registration option is not immediately visible. If this is the case, tap over the Betway login to my account button. The sign up button should be right there.

Now that the basic steps for how to register Betway account have been mentioned, it is important to verify the identity of the user by submitting an utility bill, passport or driver’s license. This is mandatory for being able to withdraw money. If this verification is not done within 7 days from the account registration, the user will be deleted and the membership revoked.

BetWay Bonus

Why make a Betway registration?

Many answers can be provided to this question. However, the first one is the generous sign up offer given by the company. People who create a new account are entitled to obtain a fantastic £110 bonus after making their first deposit.

The following table explains how it works.

Betway sign up bonus Detail
How it works? Gifts the user an extra amount equivalent to how much was deposited for the first time
Maximum limit £110
Betway sections where it can be used Sports betting area
Minimum odds 1.75 or 3/4

As an example, if the new user makes a first deposit of £110, thanks to this Betway bonus the balance will have a total of £220. The size of this welcome offer is not something that every bookmaker offers to its new members.

This is not the only reward offered by Betway to its audience, because some special promo codes can be provided to frequent users of the casino or the sports area. Special bonuses also exist when an important sports event is taking place, in order to attract as many members as possible into said event.

There is something called the Free bet club, where any member, old or new, can participate. As its name suggests, it offers free bet opportunities to them. Participating is very simple. It only requires to play a minimum of £25 every week, if this is done, two £5 rewards will be provided, one on saturdays and the other the following monday. No Betway promotion code is involved here.

Another answer to the question of why Betway register are in the big amount of markets that they cover and where its members can place wagers. This will be explained in detail later in this article.

BetWay Bonus

I decided to Betway sign up. What now?

Good choice, now that the registration for this sports betting company has been done, it is necessary to firstly explain the my account section. Over there the member can customize the Betway experience. Specifically, it is possible to select the preferred games or sports, in order to obtain custom notifications and offers.

There it is also possible to change the password, language, currency, among other options. In general, anything that is related to the Betway account itself can be adjusted from here. In case any issue is experienced here or in any other aspect of Betway, it is possible to contact customer support via phone call, live chat, email or social networks.

People who Betway login can obviously access the multitude of markets and games offered by the company. For example, it is possible to play different variants of slot machines, a multitude of card games and other means of entertainment that usually are offered by casinos.

On the other hand, by making a Betway registration it is also possible to access the extremely huge sports betting area. More than 30 sports are available to place both pre match and live bets. With this, fans of almost any sport can enjoy gambling in this website. These markets range from traditional sports such as tennis or football, to newer disciplines followed by mostly younger audiences such as eSports. Here it can be noticed how Betway intends that players of all ages register online in order to login to the sports and casino areas.

BetWay Bonus

Other features that come with a Betway account

Another interesting feature that people who are contemplating to Betway register should know is the fact that the company has a policy of responsible gambling, and this is not just a bunch of beautiful words, this translates into very concrete actions.

Specifically, after making a Betway login and going to the my account menu, there is an option called “responsible gambling”. Over there it is possible to set up different types of limitations, like the frequency at which deposits can be made, or maximum amounts that can be deposited in a day, week or month.

If for any reason you want to close your account, it is possible to do this as well after signing in to Betway via the same menu where the responsible gambling options can be accessed. This closure is not completely permanent, therefore it is possible to re-open these accounts in the future if the player wants to login again.

These features that basically intend that players do not become addicted and lose control of their finances is something that is not offered by a lot of bookmakers. This is certainly appreciated.

Before making a Betway register is important to speak about the payment methods that can be used with this company. They include the usual ones like debit and credit cards or bank transfers.

Other services can be used here for this purpose include Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz, Paysafecard and many others. All the methods mentioned here can be used without additional feeds, and a minimum amount of £10 per transaction is mandatory for most of them.

British law requires to wait around 72 hours before withdrawals appear in the payment method where it was requested, as several mechanisms intended to prevent frauds and money laundering are set into motion when requesting one.BetWay Bonus

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