Betway app UK: enjoy the portable experience

The Betway bookmaker wants to make sure that their members do not rely on a computer to enjoy their services. For that reason they have developed mobile applications that work in iOS and Android systems.

This article intends to be a review of those mobile apps, where many clues regarding their functions, features, requirements, and other things will be explained in detail. We hope that it can be informative enough so the readers can decide whether to make a Betway app download or not.

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Betway app: What features does it have?

Probably the main way to determine how good is an application is to see how it performs the functions that Betway members can use from a PC through the desktop website. In the case of this software it can be said that it greatly excels in this task.

Going into deeper detail, it is necessary to clarify that there are not one but two Betway mobile applications. The first one is the casino app, while the other is the more famous mobile sports betting software.

Their names are pretty self explanatory. The casino Betway apk is the one which contains all the games that have made this online casino famous during these last years. It has dozens of slots games and card games, there are poker tables, and other means of entertainment that can be found in any casino around the world.

Those poker games are extremely interesting, because there are no clumsy AI players involved. There are only players facing other fellow players into interesting and challenging contests.

The functionality of this mobile app is pretty good. This is something that can be expected considering that some important developers were hired to implement the games present in this software. Here it is possible to deposit and withdraw money, and play all the means of entertainment from anywhere and at anytime.

The Betway sports app probably does not need too big of an introduction. However, in case you don’t know, here is possible to place pre match wagers and live bets in the more than 30 sports covered by this company. They range from popular ones such as tennis, football, basketball or American football, to other ones who have less followers but can be very interesting. They include Australian football, netball, golf, and more.

They all have minor tournaments to worldwide covering leagues. In this regard, it is possible to say that almost any contest being played at some place around the world will be available for gambling through this application.

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Setting up the Betway apk

These apk can be downloaded for free into iOS and Android systems. In this section it will be explained how to Betway app download into those two ecosystems. Users of iPad and iPhone only need to visit the AppStore to obtain it as it would be done for any other software. Extremely simple.

On the other hand, the Betway Android app UK (or the iteration developed for any other country where Betway is available can not be grabbed from the Play Store. However, this is not a major concern. The necessary steps to setup the software in Android are detailed below:

  1. Open the Betway page in the mobile device where the app is intended to be installed
  2. Go to the mobile app download section. Over there users will see the casino and sports software
  3. Download the desired Betway app UK
  4. Open the apk file and complete the install process

In some cases it could be necessary to find the application configuration of the tablet or phone where the software is being set up. This is because most of the Android gadgets forbid by default the installation of applications that come from sources different to Google Play or the stores belonging to a brand, such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.

Explaining this fact in more detail. Sometimes it happens that after opening an apk file obtained from internet, a security error will appear stating that applications coming from unknown sources are not allowed to be installed. For fixing this, go to the security settings of your phone or tablet, and check the box saying “allow installation of software from unknown sources” or any similar statement.

The reason why Google does not allow the Betway apk to be present in its official store, is because its rules do not allow gambling software that works with real money to be present. However, this is not a reason to be concerned.

It is recommended for Android users to periodically check the app download section in the Betway site, as new versions are being rolled out regularly. Considering that, as said before, there is real money involved, it is extra important to keep the application updated, as security features may be improved, alongside new characteristics, bug fixes, and more.

In this regard Apple users do not need to worry, because the fact that the application exists in the AppStore guarantees that users will automatically download the latest version of the software.

Mobile devices operating under Windows Phone do not have a dedicated version of the software for them. However, the mobile website is fully available and functional on these gadgets. The same applies to computers with any operating system.

For people who may not know, in case there is any problem that makes the Betway app not function properly, or not work at all, the mobile website offers the same functions that can be enjoyed through the desktop website or the application. This has the advantage that no extra software is needed (besides the obvious requirement of having a working mobile internet browser). However, it is still recommended to obtain the software whenever possible, as in rare cases issues with the browser may cause it to not work properly.

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Can I do the Betway app download process in my device?

To answer this question is essential to be aware of the system requirements needed by the software. The people at Betway UK should be praised for how well optimized the application is, and for that, no top of the line mobile device is needed to run them. In the following table the system requirements are summarized:

System Android iOS
Minimum version required 4.1 8.1
Compatible devices Samsung Galaxy: S5, S6, S7, S8, S9 and S10, including the plus versions iPad: Original version, mini and pro
Huawei: P10, P20 and P30. Pro and Lite versions are included as well iPhone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR and newer
LG: All V models plus G4, G5, G6, G7, G8 and G9
Sony: Xperia X, Xperia X Compact, Xperia XA, Xperia XZ, Xperia E5

If you have a model that is not listed here, but is a newer iteration of a family which appears in this table, then the application should work without issues. Regarding Android devices, any unlisted model which has enough storage space, and has the version 4.1 of the system or a newer one, should properly support the software as well.

BetWay Bonus

Betway mobile software: important information and closing remarks

Betway offers bonuses and rewards intended to attract new members, and to prevent existing ones from leaving them for the competition. They can be claimed through both the Betway sports app and the casino software.

Something a bit annoying about this aspect, is that whenever Betway bonus appears in our screen, and asks us to tap to claim it, we are redirected to the mobile website. If running the app from a low end mobile gadget, this could ruin the experience, as sometimes the Betway app UK will not load again when returning to it after doing what is necessary in the internet browser. This software will become even better when all actions, without exception, can be done without needing to leave it. Let’s hope that future iterations will fix this issue.

As happens with many bookmakers, some bonuses will work only if the player makes a deposit. For that reason, is important to speak about payment methods available for the people who made the Betway app download action.

Digital money and e-wallet services have grown exponentially during recent times, and for many people they are the perfect method to deposit and withdraw money from a bookmaker. In this regard portals like ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are accepted and fully capable of performing transactions. There is no waiting time for making deposits, and all of them require a minimum amount of £10 per transaction, this applies for withdrawals and deposits.

More traditional payment methods are available as well, they include bank transfers that can be done from most banks, and also credit cards including Maestro, Visa and MasterCard. These means are subject to the same minimum amount per transaction of £10.

No additional fees exist when using any of these methods. It is important to mention that the United Kingdom has some very strict laws that intend to monitor transactions with the purpose of preventing money laundering and other types of frauds and financial crimes. For that reason, withdrawals have an average waiting time of 72 hours.

Before making any withdrawal of money, British law requires Betway to validate the identity of the user. For doing that, he or she must submit a document that can serve this purpose. Accepted means of proof include ID card, passport, driver’s license, utility bill, and bank or card statement. The bills and statements must be not older than three months at the time of making the validation. This process takes a few hours to complete, and after this is done all the features offered by the bookmaker will be fully operational.

The Betway app UK is excellent in taking the experience provided by this bookmaker from a computer to a mobile phone or a tablet. If the aforementioned bonus issue that requires to leave the app for the web browser is fixed, then the software would deserve a few more points. However, returning to the positive aspects, all the features are available in a well optimized and comfortable environment, which is perfectly suited for smaller displays and touchscreens.

Another greatly praised aspect by users and critics is the customer support, which is friendly, quick, and capable of solving most issues for current and future members. It is available in several languages, and it can be contacted 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via multiple means, such as live chat, email, phone or through social networks. Of course this assistance can be requested from mobile devices.BetWay Bonus

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